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Study Abroad Reunion: Chicago (March 9-11)

In 2016, I made the best decision of my life: to study abroad in Kalmar, Sweden.

I made THE BEST friends I could’ve asked for!  We all decided to have a reunion in Chicago because Alice (to my right in the above photo) was student teaching in Illinois for one month.  Mitch and Bethany (to my left) are from Colorado, and Taylor (far right) is from Texas.  We HAD to take a selfie at the iconic bean, obviously 🙂

During our first afternoon/evening, we were catching up at dinner, the hotel bar, and even played Uno for awhile in our room.  I hadn’t seen Taylor or Alice since I left Sweden in June, 2016, so seeing them meant the world to me.  Bethany and I, thankfully, have been able to see each other twice since we returned home (once in Chicago in June, exactly!) and will be going to one of my favorite places, Iceland, this May!  Spending time with Mitch is always great, and seeing him meant the world to me as well!

On our only full day together, we went to the Sears Tower (I STILL need to call it that…) and we took some obligatory Sky Deck photos!  It was worth it, but the crowds and heat were too much for all of us.  Thankfully, Giordano’s was right around the corner 🙂

All of us (except for Taylor – he needed a major nap after the deep dish!) spent time near the Water Tower place, specifically at Nike and Ghiradelli!  Mitch and I were OBSESSED with the store.  I have probably been in there at least 10 times and it never gets old!  Mitch, Alice, and I all got ice cream after, which also put us into a food coma, much like our dear friend!

You can’t go to Chicago without going to a comedy show, am I right? I am in love with Second City and Zanies; I have been to both three times I believe.  Bethany and I went to Zanies in June, and I’ve also been there with another friend from studying abroad in France.  I decided on Zanies this time because 1) the tickets were cheaper, 2) stand-up is hilarious and is rarely ever bad (in my opinion), and 3) it’s located on N. Wells Street, where all the best bars are!

Of course, we picked the best night to go!  It was Zanies’ 40th anniversary so we were able to have some mystery shots, more stand-up comedians, and many more laughs! I would tell you some of the jokes; however, they were NOT appropriate for this blog 🙂 Take my word for it: Zanies is the funniest club in Chicago!

Bethany and I are always thuggin’ it on Wells St…

Our coats got switched at Benchmark…oops!

Fun fact: Bethany and I took a similar photo here back in June.  Once we found the same bar, we obviously had to recreate our masterpiece 🙂

This goes without saying, but this was probably the best weekend I’ve had in a long time.  Seeing old friends felt so rewarding and I haven’t laughed that hard in SO long (both from the comedians AND my best friends)!  I can’t wait until our next reunion together.

I can’t wait for Taylor to have a Guinness at every bar he passes, for Alice to be as stereo-typically French as possible, for Bethany and I to laugh over nothing at all, and for Mitch and I to have the best conversations again 🙂

Twenty Countries Visited & Lessons Learned

  1. Toronto, Canada (2012) Canadians are super nice. (sorry, no saved photos)
  2. Hamburg, Germany (2012) Life is too short; travel often! IMG_5757
  3. Aix-en-Provence, France (2014) French people are super nice, too 🙂 IMG_3250 (1)
  4. London, England (2014) Solo travel is easy if you have common sense and a sense of humor! IMG_3546
  5. Genoa, Italy (2014) Non-touristy towns are better than overrated ones…IMG_4230 (2)
  6. Amsterdam, the Netherlands (2014) Cities with bad reputations can actually be extremely clean! IMG_4621
  7. Reikivik, Iceland (2014) Innovation and open-mindedness are in unsuspected places… IMG_4640
  8. Copenhagen, Denmark (2016) Always wear wool socks in your boots during the wintertime! IMG_5300
  9. Kalmar, Sweden (2016) Studying abroad will grant you life-long friends and experiences you’ll always want to relive. IMG_4357
  10. Prague, Czech Republic (2016) Although beautiful, operas are boring as can be.  IMG_5531
  11. Tallinn, Estonia (2016) The part of your trip that you were least excited about could end up being your favorite! 
  12. St. Petersburg, Russia (2016) Vodka is in fact cheaper than water here. No exaggeration! 
  13. Helsinki, Finland (2016) Who knew a Scandinavian country would have THE BEST Mexican food?! 
  14. Dublin, Ireland (2016) Riding in the passenger seat is as anxiety-driving (no pun intended…) as actually driving the car on the “wrong” side of the road! Also, stumbling into a random bar for pub food could be the best decision you’ve ever made. IMG_6427
  15. Edinburgh, Scotland (2016) You can always trust a group of Scotsmen in a bar who order grilled cheese with their pints.  IMG_6673
  16. Budapest, Hungary (2016) Thermal baths will cure any sickness, even the stomach flu.  IMG_7041
  17. Alicante, Spain (2016) Spontaneous trips with friends and gelato seven times per day are two of my new favorite things. 
  18. Bergen, Norway (2016) Staying connected with old friends is more important than basically anything else. 
  19. Chiang Rai, Thailand (2017) Volunteering in an orphanage will open your eyes wider than a fridge door opens when you’re hungry… 
  20. Macau (2017) Finding yourself in a place that you can’t quite compare to anything else seems impossible, but it can happen if you explore the world enough!