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“The Times we had” in Tallinn, Estonia (March, 2016)

I remember having zero expectations of Tallinn; I simply thought this was a “break” from the rest of our cruise rather than a city I would love. All of my friends and classmates LOVED Tallinn and had the greatest time! We went on a pub crawl to a few very unique places, including a science lab-themed bar (one even had shots that you snorted and one had the coolest pool table area)! The last photo below proves how much fun I had… Even walking in the streets late at night with my friends are memories I’ll never forget. I will always cherish “The Times we had” in Tallinn!

It’s Always Happy in Hamburg (March, 2016)

I have visited a dear friend in Hamburg, Germany twice now: once in 2012 and once in 2016. I love this city very much and have nothing but good things to say about it. In fact, Hamburg was my first city visited outside of North America and has been a gateway for my many adventures abroad! The late night dancing, scenery, food, streets, harbor and good company keep me easily entertained and happy whenever I spend time with Saskia and her parents!

Photo Highlights of 2018

2018…what a year!  So many incredible things happened, which has led to lifelong memories that I’ll always cherish.

I was able to spend lots of quality time with my Little Sister of four years, Aniya!


I had a travel marathon from March – July (Chicago, Boston, Iceland, Myrtle Beach, Peru and Portland)! I was able to spend time with old friends, have a once-in-a-lifetime adventure with my mom, hang out with my brother on the west coast and get engaged during this short period of time!



I was able to spend more time with my pup Linley than ever.  We even went to a baseball game with grams in Detroit!


My dad and I were able to hang out a lot more than usual, now that we’re in the same department at work.  My dad is also in Big Brothers Big Sisters, and seeing his Little Brother grow up is amazing (and scary…)!


My best friend (who I call my twin) and I share the same birthday!!! We were able to celebrate our 25th year on this earth together 🙂


My fiance and pup cheered me up on Halloween as they dressed as a minion and a bee!


And the most eventful day was Friday, November 16, the day I married my best friend 🙂


I have no idea what could be better than repeating 2018, but I’m very excited for what 2019 has in store for all of us 🙂 Happy New Year!

All Smiles With This Guy

My boyfriend, Juan, and I have been in each other’s lives since 2012. We have traveled to foreign countries together, as well as a few states in the US. He’s truly my best friend.

We first met in 2012 during my first semester of college. The rest is history…

Juan and I have been able to enjoy many family events together, like my brother’s high school graduation and family Christmases at my grandma’s house.

Juan and I drove to South Bend, Indiana so I could meet his mom and aunt for the first time!

We also visited Juan’s hometown, York, Nebraska to celebrate his college graduation in 2013. And I thought I grew up in a small town…

Juan and I traveled in France, Italy, and the Netherlands together in 2014 (after my two-month study abroad in Aix-en-Provence, France).



Netherlands (Amsterdam only)

We’ve been to Chicago a couple times since 2012, one time being my 21st birthday!

The list goes on and on! 😊

I can’t wait for our next adventures in 2018!

Twenty Countries Visited & Lessons Learned

  1. Toronto, Canada (2012) Canadians are super nice. (sorry, no saved photos)
  2. Hamburg, Germany (2012) Life is too short; travel often! IMG_5757
  3. Aix-en-Provence, France (2014) French people are super nice, too 🙂 IMG_3250 (1)
  4. London, England (2014) Solo travel is easy if you have common sense and a sense of humor! IMG_3546
  5. Genoa, Italy (2014) Non-touristy towns are better than overrated ones…IMG_4230 (2)
  6. Amsterdam, the Netherlands (2014) Cities with bad reputations can actually be extremely clean! IMG_4621
  7. Reikivik, Iceland (2014) Innovation and open-mindedness are in unsuspected places… IMG_4640
  8. Copenhagen, Denmark (2016) Always wear wool socks in your boots during the wintertime! IMG_5300
  9. Kalmar, Sweden (2016) Studying abroad will grant you life-long friends and experiences you’ll always want to relive. IMG_4357
  10. Prague, Czech Republic (2016) Although beautiful, operas are boring as can be.  IMG_5531
  11. Tallinn, Estonia (2016) The part of your trip that you were least excited about could end up being your favorite! 
  12. St. Petersburg, Russia (2016) Vodka is in fact cheaper than water here. No exaggeration! 
  13. Helsinki, Finland (2016) Who knew a Scandinavian country would have THE BEST Mexican food?! 
  14. Dublin, Ireland (2016) Riding in the passenger seat is as anxiety-driving (no pun intended…) as actually driving the car on the “wrong” side of the road! Also, stumbling into a random bar for pub food could be the best decision you’ve ever made. IMG_6427
  15. Edinburgh, Scotland (2016) You can always trust a group of Scotsmen in a bar who order grilled cheese with their pints.  IMG_6673
  16. Budapest, Hungary (2016) Thermal baths will cure any sickness, even the stomach flu.  IMG_7041
  17. Alicante, Spain (2016) Spontaneous trips with friends and gelato seven times per day are two of my new favorite things. 
  18. Bergen, Norway (2016) Staying connected with old friends is more important than basically anything else. 
  19. Chiang Rai, Thailand (2017) Volunteering in an orphanage will open your eyes wider than a fridge door opens when you’re hungry… 
  20. Macau (2017) Finding yourself in a place that you can’t quite compare to anything else seems impossible, but it can happen if you explore the world enough!