The Western side of the Mitten State

When I returned from Europe at the end of June, I decided to travel around Michigan.  I hadn’t really ever visited the western side of the state, so initially my wanderlust heart had to see what all the hype was about!

A good friend of mine and I went to Holland, MI in early July.  We explored various hiking trails, the iconic De Zwaan windmill, and of course hung out on the beach and at the lighthouse.  I wish I wouldn’t have forgotten my swimsuit!

One of my best friends, Nicole, moved to Grand Rapids recently.  I had been to GR once or twice, but never was able to explore it very much.  Going to Art Prize in October was a ton of fun!  There are so many talented artists from Michigan and it was great seeing their work showcased throughout the city.

This past Saturday, a good friend of mine drove out west with me in order to visit Nicole again; this time I was also able to finally meet her fiancee!  The four of us had a nice afternoon together eating tapas and visiting some local breweries.

Prior to heading back to the 810, my friend Matt and I swung by Grand Haven to check out the lighthouse near sunset.  We were a bit late on that because we weren’t in a rush to leave GR, but it was still decent enough lighting to go for a nice walk and capture some good photos.


My advice?  If you live in Michigan or plan on visiting the Mitten anytime soon, GO WEST!!!


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