Afternoon Bike Ride in Kalmar

Today was an incredibly stressful day, but my dad put things into perspective for me yesterday. He said, “Cate, I know times are tough for you right now, but think about how many places you’ve seen and how much you’ve done with your college career!”

He’s absolutely right. I’m too blessed to be stressed!

So with a smile on my face, I biked around my study abroad town and took photos with my 5s.  I am finding myself comparing the first place I studied in and Kalmar; I need to stop comparing the two and I need to enjoy both for what they have to offer!


Spring is in the air here in southern Sweden, and there was a spring in my step today once my dad’s words sunk in. I’m blessed to have this study abroad experience and opportunity AGAIN, and I’m forever thankful for the family I have waiting for me at home in Michigan!

And c’mon, there’s a CASTLE ten minutes from my dorm! You can’t beat that!

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