Looking Back (Two Weeks feels like Two Months)

It’s amusing to look back at simple iPhone Notes that I wrote in my hotels and on my plane rides upon arriving to Kalmar, Sweden!


I have only been in Kalmar two weeks on the dot, yet I feel as though I have been here over a month (despite the fact that I am still horrible at directions).

Here are some entries from my first days abroad:

Jan 13: the plane rides were…interesting! The one to Iceland wasn’t bad at all (people wise – but the turbulence made me sweat and feel dizzy). I was sitting next to Christine, a student from Canada going to Vaxjo, and a Swede who was very kind and informative. He travels around the world for work because he is an ecologist, and I thought this was pretty cool! The plane to Copenhagen was a nightmare! I had the middle seat again and I was so frustrated with the two gentlemen sitting next to me. The one to my right was kind, but he was smelly!!! The one to my left snorted some sort of drug when we were about to land! I had no idea what it was; all I know is that it was black and he snorted it clean! I’m so ready to be in what will be my bed and sleep the cold and stress away.

Jan 14: I got lost in Copenhagen. It wasn’t scary, it was just cold. The locals weren’t as friendly as the foreigners, except at the hotel. The hotel front desk worker was friendly and told me how he and his friend made the guard at the Queen’s Palace laugh! I hated finding transportation back to the hotel, however, because everyone was confusing me about the buses, taxis, and trains. I got home eventually after a nice evening with two students from Georgia (the country).  


Jan 15: it’s still bitter cold and I’ve been waiting for trains all day! Thankfully, I met another exchange student at the airport station and she was so kind! She was helping me with my two heavy bags while we found a place to sit on the train! I’m finally on the train to Kalmar now, and I’m not as much nervous as I am tired!

I am relieved that I am here and not stressed out anymore!  I love traveling, but man, with two suitcases and two carry-on bags, traveling was far more stressful than I’d anticipated!

For more photos, visit https://catherine-yankley.squarespace.com/

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