The definition of disconnection is the breaking the connection of or between. I’ve been feeling a disconnect from my life lately – from my school work, my job, and even the person I love most.
I’m wondering if life is just getting in the way (work, education, others) or if it’s depression/anxiety related. It’s so difficult to pinpoint why I feel the way that I have been lately, but the first stage in improving is acceptance, right?
I haven’t truly felt happy in a long time. I think the last time I was really excited was when I volunteered through Habitat for Humanity last December. I was surrounded by amazing people, inspiring families, and I felt like I was contributing to something incredible (which I was, because Habitat is an awesome organization).
Before that, it was when I studied overseas. Aix-en-Provence was beautiful, and I met incredible people there as well. Studying abroad is such a unique experience because I was able to be my true self – I had no one to impress and not a care in the world.
The only downfall of studying abroad is the halfway point when you begin to experience homesickness. But once I overcame that, I really felt at home in southern France.
I can’t wait to study abroad for five months come January. I need to get away for awhile, and I want to feel like my true self again.

I just want to be happy, that’s it 😌

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