Why I Love Ann Arbor, Michigan

There are many reasons why I love Ann Arbor, Michigan (even though I’m an MSU fan). My favorite thing about this fun, college town is the food! There are so many food options that are far from basic. I love diversity in food: Mexican, Thai, sushi, gourmet sandwich shops… But never have I had Cuban food before!

Frita Batidos
Frita Batidos

Frita Batidos is a Cuban restaurant in the heart of downtown Ann Arbor.  I have traveled to southern France, Germany, and even Italy! I must say, this small Cuban place might be my favorite one on the planet!

Not only does the restaurant have a welcoming vibe and a modern atmosphere, but the food is served in such a unique way. First, you have to pick your “Frita,” which is the main part of your burger-like meal. Some options are lemon fish, seasoned beef, and grilled chicken. If you tell the staff you want it “loco,” that means you want all the toppings: guac, tomato, a sunny-side-up egg, fries, mayo… Let’s just say it is AMAZING and you’d be crazy to not “make it loco!”

Second, you order your “Batido,” or milkshake. They have the BEST flavors, like fresh lime, passion fruit, and coconut cream. I love anything lime, but the passion fruit is my favorite! You wouldn’t expect a milkshake to be fruity or light; however, the Cubans are doing it right! After the lovely meal and drink, you have a third option of ordering sides. In my opinion, there is no way I could ever have room for sides!

FullSizeRender (6)

After eating such delicious food, I love visiting what I like to call The Graffiti Alley. My hometown is about 40 minutes north of Ann Arbor, and the majority of my class took their senior photos there! It is an icon of Ann Arbor and is something you need to visit while you are in town!

FullSizeRender (5)

Another great thing to do is shop. To be honest, I’m not a big shopper, but I love going into Urban Outfitters.

Card from Urban Outfitters
Card from Urban Outfitters

UO is a store that is like Etsy come to life! They have clothes, candles, mugs, jewelry, records, record players, hair care products, and pretty much every indie chic trinket you could imagine! Their “I woke up like this,” mug or magical unicorn cards are some of my personal favorites. Leave the store after 20 minutes or else you will lose all of your money (that almost happened to me over the weekend).

The bottom line is…visit Ann Arbor! You can also go kayaking and visit the campus of U of M. There is so much to do! Just make sure you treat yourself to some Cuban food, graffiti, and shopping Etsy-style!


  1. I’m hungry now haha. Love Frita Batidos, can’t get there enough. It’s usually a chicken frita with an egg on top, garlic fries and a coconut batido. 🙂

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