Why my Brother is my Best Friend


My twenty year old brother, Al, is the most incredible person I will ever know.  I love my parents, boyfriend, and close friends to death; however, Al is my best friend and always will be.

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I don’t mean to hate on anyone close to me, but I am writing this because my brother is going through a lot personally right now.  Please keep him in your thoughts and start sending good vibes his way!  He can always cheer me up when I’m down and make me smile, so hopefully I can do the same for him as he goes through major heartbreak and betrayal.

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For starters, my brother is the most loyal person you will ever meet.  Sometimes, he is loyal to a fault! It can get him into trouble, but he would rather be too loyal than have it any other way.  He is always the guy who finds the damsel in distress and needs to be her superhero.  Al once waited on a girl’s front porch with a bouquet of flowers and timed it perfectly so when she got home from Florida, he would be there (mind you, we live in Michigan).

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I know my brother is young, but I just want him to be happy, whether that be in a relationship, in a job, or even in life overall.  Al gives up his own happiness in order to make those around him happy.  Again, this is a quality that could land him in a world of hurt, but it is a beautiful trait and more people need to be like him.


Al sees the absolute best in people, even strangers.  I would consider myself to be an open-minded and accepting person, but compared to my brother, I am the most judgmental person to walk the earth.  He does not look at a butterfly tattoo and think it to be meaningless or look at a poor person and think them to be a bum; he acknowledges the differences among people without assumptions or feeling he is greater than.


Not only is my brother loyal, supportive, and has a heart of gold, but he is also the funniest person I know!

One time, we were at the pet store looking at dogs.  I meandered over to a golden doodle, and I caught my brother looking at the smaller dogs.  Al yelled across the store, “Hey, Cate!  Look at this b!@#$in’!” (like hey, that’s b!@chin’).

I shot him a glance as if to say, “STOP IT!” because all of these families were there and the parents were shooing their kids away from him due to the swearing.  I was trying to be harsh, but I honestly couldn’t be!  It was so funny!

I then walked over to the dog he was talking about, and I started laughing until I was on the ground!  Al was referring to a Bichon Frise!  I was laughing even more at this point because there was a scratch on the label of the cage, hence why Al thought there was a letter “T” in the middle!

Needless to say, Alexander Jeffrey is my best friend.  He knows how to be as sentimental as he is funny!  I love him with all of my heart.  I am grateful that he is my brother, and I am proud to call him my best friend.

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