Five Reasons you should see “Trainwreck”

My (hilarious) mom and I decided to see the newly-released film “Trainwreck” starring Amy Schumer and SNL alum Bill Hader.  After the movie, I turned to my mom and said, “I have to be honest, that is probably my all-time favorite movie.”  Trust me, I LOVE MOVIES, but “Trainwreck” was fantastic.  Here’s why:

1. Amy Schumer wrote the film and brought her comedic genius full throttle!  She herself is a comedian who has starred in her own show “Inside Amy Schumer,” which is pretty funny in and of itself!  Her sense of humor is so satirical, almost like the perfect combination between Kristen Wiig and Natasha Leggero.  If they had a “humor child,” it’d be Amy Schumer.  Thankfully the film was as funny as her stand-up!

2. The best and funniest parts WEREN’T shown in the commercials.  Lately, comedies have been showing the “LMAO” scenes in commercials.  I get it: it’s to draw in and captivate a crowd.  HOWEVER, I don’t enjoy getting hyped about a movie and feel like the best clips were when I was in sweatpants on my living room recliner chair.  When I go to the movie theater, I want to feel like I am watching something new that hasn’t been done before.  It’s like hearing a story from a friend; you think it’s hysterical the first time, but by the fourth time, you’re sick of it.

3. Values were actually demonstrated quite nicely.   I say “actually” because for those of you who have seen “Inside Amy Schumer,” you know exactly what I’m talking about.  The values of relationships and love were obviously showcased, but I was not expecting the values of friendship, hope, family, and perseverance to be.  I’ll stop there because I do not want to create spoilers, so I’ll go onto my next point…

4. You’ll feel EVERY feeling.  One second I was crying, the next I was crying from laughter. This surprised me for a comedy as golden as this.  There are some movies I find that touch on sadness, grief, or loss, but not one to this extent.  You go on the journey with the protagonist, rather than feeling like you plopped down and are all of a sudden part of her adult life.  Correlating with my third point, various values were exposed and explored in-depth.  I can’t stress enough how much I loved the roller coaster-feeling of emotion, without feeling overwhelmed by my thoughts.

5. The movie wasn’t “over-the-top,” even with so many celebrities.  There were so many faces I recognized, including Vanessa Bayer from SNL.  Although her character was a hilarious opposite Amy Schumer, the character never took away from Amy’s story.  Various professional athletes collaborated in the film, such as LeBron James and John Cena, yet I never felt they took away from the presence and chemistry of Schumer and Hader.  I could be biased because Bill Hader is my favorite SNL alum; however, even if I had no idea who he was, I would admire his character just as much.

The bottom line?  You need to see the movie.  I hope that the recent shooting in Lafayette, LA doesn’t deter anyone from going to the movie theaters, and my thoughts go out to the families of those who are grieving.

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